VCOM College Catalog and Student Handbook

Form 1098-T Students, or the persons who may claim students as dependents, may be able to claim either the tuition and fees deduction or the Hope and/or Lifetime Learning credits on their federal tax returns for qualified tuition and related expenses that were actually paid in a given year. VCOM distributes electronic copies of Forms 1098-T to students via the VCOM Student Information System (SIS) on or before January 31 st . Hard copies of the Forms 1098-T can be obtained by printing the electronic copies. Although VCOM provides the information that appear on Forms 1098-T, Business Office staff is not qualified to answer any tax-related questions or give tax advice. Students should contact their individual tax preparer or the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

For more information about the deduction or credits, see IRS Publication 970 at: .

The Office of Financial Aid

VCOM Code of Ethics for Providing Financial Aid In order to ensure VCOM maintains the highest ethical standards, VCOM as an institution and/or any person involved in providing loan information or assistance to students WILL NOT: 1. Enter into any revenue sharing arrangement with lenders; 2. Accept gifts from lenders, guarantors, and loan servicers; 3. Receive compensation for consulting services to lenders; 4. Assign lenders to first time borrowers; 5. Refuse to certify a loan based on the borrower’s choice of lender; 6. Participate in opportunity pools with lenders; 7. Accept borrower benefits for students or VCOM as a ploy for marketing; 8. Permit lender staff to assume school call center or financial aid office staff functions; 9. Serve as advisory member or board members for compensation from any lending agency responsible for student loans to VCOM students; or 10. Accept philanthropic contributions that are made in exchange for loan volume. Statement of Ethical Principles The primary goal of the Office of Financial Aid is to help students achieve their educational potential by providing appropriate financial counseling and resources. • To help remove financial barriers for our students and make every effort to assist students with financial need. • To be aware of the issues affecting students and advocate their interests at the institutional, state, and federal levels. • To educate students and families through quality consumer information. • To respect the dignity and protect the privacy of students, and ensure the confidentiality of student records and personal circumstances. Our commitment:


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