VCOM College Catalog and Student Handbook

The Associate Deans and the Campus Dean will review the record of each student on academic probation each block/rotation to evaluate the student’s academic progress. At the end of any block/rotation where a student on academic probation does not make academic progress (by earning additional grades below 70% or failing to pass the clinical rotation evaluation), the Promotion Board will meet again regarding the student’s future with the College.

Altered Degree Plan of Study

The Campus Dean or the Associate Deans may place students who are experiencing difficulty in successfully completing the VCOM curriculum after failing a board exam, failing a rotation, or by falling behind in the first two years of curriculum on an Altered Degree Plan of Study (ADPOS). Students placed on an ADPOS must sign and agree to comply with the ADPOS that has been approved by the Campus Dean. As long as the student is completing the ADPOS and making satisfactory progress they will maintain full-time status. Students who are not making academic progress in an ADPOS will be brought before Promotion Board and are at high risk for dismissal. The ADPOS is designed by the Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs to provide the student with the best opportunity for successful academic progress. The ADPOS may include additional preparation for COMLEX exams and may modify the timeline for clinical rotations. The dates for completion of COMPE, COMSAE Phase 2 and COMLEX Level 2 CE for those students on an Altered Degree Plan of Study will be set by the Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs, Associate Dean for Simulation and Technology, and CIFSS. Failure to Make Academic Progress While on an Altered Degree Plan Students who do not follow the Altered Degree Plan of Study or who do not make academic progress while on an ADPOS will be referred to the Promotion Board. Students who do not comply with the ADPOS may be suspended at any time by the Campus Dean for failure to follow the plan. If a student has difficulty in following the ADPOS, they are required to meet with the Campus Dean to report this prior to failing to follow the plan. The student not following the plan may be referred to the Promotion Board for this type of failure to make academic progress. Students on Altered Degree Plan of Study should be aware that they must be on track to complete all requirements to graduate prior to July 1st in order to be allowed to enter ERAS and the Match, according to the rules of the residency match.

Promotion Board

The Promotion Board monitors the academic progress achieved by students throughout the academic program and makes recommendations to the Campus Dean regarding students’ academic progress. The Promotion Board is convened at the end of each block/rotation in which a student has failed to make academic progress (see Reasons to Call a Promotion Board Hearing below). The Campus Dean or the appropriate Associate Dean for the academic


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