VCOM College Catalog and Student Handbook

• (MED 8164) Research Distinction Elective: 9 credit hours Many students at VCOM have a desire to conduct research as part of their medical education experience. Faculty and students also recognize the importance of continuous advancement in medical practice through cutting-edge research findings. Students are encouraged to actively conduct a research project to gain experience in basic and applied research and advance scientific knowledge. This will enable DO clinicians to understand how their profession is evolving, and can contribute to the effort required for such evolution. Students will complete a research project, designed and conducted with a faculty research mentor. After successfully completing the project the student will be awarded a Research Distinction degree designation at graduation. • (MED 8251/8251A/8251B) National Board Preparation: 16/17/20 credit hours The National Board Preparation Course is designed to aid students in preparing for their COMLEX Level 2 CE examination. This course is assigned for students who have not passed COMSAE Phase 2 or COMLEX Level 2 CE and requires an Altered Degree Plan of Study, as approved by the Associate Dean, Vice Provost for APIEA, Director for Institutional and Student Academic Success, and Campus Dean. During the course, students will follow a study plan individualized for their unique board preparation needs. The study plan will consist of an approved external immersion program. • (MED 8252) Clinical Performance Immersion: 1 credit hour The Clinical Performance Immersion course is a two-day course designed to enhance the student’s fundamental clinical skills necessary for successful completion of performance type examinations. The student will be provided with an intense, targeted, and hands-on experience to maximize the student’s current and existing clinical skills. The course will focus on physician-patient communication, interpersonal skills, professionalism, medical history taking, physical examination skills, knowledge of osteopathic principles and osteopathic manipulative treatment, and documentation skills. The course is for students who have failed COMPE remediation or the COMLEX-USA Level 2-PE board examination. There is an additional fee charged for this course.


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