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Advertising, Endorsements and Media Policies PUBLIC RELATIONS

MEDIA INQUIRIES* If any member of the College is asked to make any statements, asked for an interview, or asked to represent the College by reporters, writers, magazines, websites, television stations, social media, organizations or any media outlets, it is VCOM’s policy to have the Communications Department arrange the interviews including speaking with them at the time of initial contact. This allows the department to review the purpose of the interview (which guides the content), the time and setting, and to prepare the administration, employees or faculty as appropriate for the purpose of the interview. * If you are contacted by a reporter, please tell them that all interviews must be set up by the Communications Division. Do not make any comments or provide personal opinions in ANY situation. Please call or email Cindy Rawlins, Vice President for Communications at, OR the Director of Communications on your campus, if you are contacted for an interview.

In the following situations, contact the Division for Communications, Marketing, Website and Publications: ADVERTISING AND MARKETING MATERIALS The Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine does not accept paid advertising from third parties for use in College publications, website or social media pages. All advertising and marketing materials for the College must be created and/or approved by the Division for Communications, Marketing, Website and Publications.

AND MEDIA The Department for Communication, Marketing,

Website and Publications on your campus may be able to assist in publicizing events, and internal or external communications.

Assistance may include: - advertising - marketing materials - media advisories

- press releases - media relations


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