VCOM 2022 Annual Report

Student Scholarship Highlights E very day, our friends and alumni make a difference by creating opportunities that lead to success for our students. Through the generosity of many, we are educating physicians and preparing them to make a difference in their communities. It is with great pride and gratitude we introduce you to a small sample of the dedicated students who attend VCOM as a result of your generosity.

The Megan Cornwell Thomas, DO, and William Thomas, DO, Endowed Medical Scholarship Lindsay Edmondson , VCOM-Virginia Class of 2023, Bristol, VA

The William B. and Ann F. Holtzman Endowed Medical Scholarship Tippy Morrow , VCOM-Virginia Class of 2023, Timberville, VA

“As a child, my family struggled to maintain enough income and stability, so others throughout the community saw our distress and

“My interest in medicine sparked at a young age after seeing many health disparities, since I grew up in a rural area. I wanted to be a person of change in people’s lives through medicine. Seeing firsthand some of my friends and

offered any services they could. As a physician, I intend to serve small communities and reflect the values and support I’ve gotten from others.” The Mary Black Medical Staff Endowed Scholarship Kaitlyn Dill , VCOM-Carolinas Class of 2022, Landrum, SC

family traveling many miles to receive care sparked my interest further.”

Samuel Zigrossi Memorial Scholarship Brynn Hentschel , VCOM-Auburn Class of 2023, Jacksonville, FL

“Being born and raised in a small rural town in South Carolina allowed me to realize the importance of meeting the healthcare needs of underserved communities. These populations need primary care providers who can

“I have been astounded by the human ability to persevere and humbled to be someone that these strong people will need to help maintain their health. My love for volunteerism, working in underserved and underdeveloped

take a holistic approach to their treatment. I envision myself practicing culturally competent and compassionate care.”

populations, and well-deserved compassion towards those who walk this path regularly will make me the best physician that I can be and provides a foundation to only better oneself.”



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