VCOM 2022 Annual Report

Student Scholarship Highlights (continued)

The Per Yngve Brolinson, DO, Rural Family Medicine Scholarship Caleb Ramey, VCOM-Virginia Class of 2024, Lowgap, NC

The J. and Renae Pearson Scholarship Grayson Daffron , VCOM-Virginia Class of 2024, Virginia Beach, VA

“My goals throughout medical school and into my career as a physician are to be a never-ending voice for the underserved and be a patient advocate at all levels to enact the changes that are desperately needed in

“Physicians can be pillars of their community and I want to be a part of that, both through my practice and through volunteering or giving time in other ways. I want to equip people with the tools to live healthy lives, and, on

medicine. This scholarship will help me achieve these goals and help make medical school more financially manageable.” The William G. Anderson, DO, Minority Scholarship An-Thu “Annie” Nguyen , VCOM-Carolinas Class of 2023, Phoenix, AZ

the other side of that coin, walk with those same individuals through some of their darkest days.”

The Frank Butler Rocovich Wellness Scholarship Alexys Ramos , VCOM-Auburn Class of 2023, Islamorada, FL

“I chose the DO path based on the global approach of the osteopathic tenets. I believe that viewing an individual as an integration of mind, body and spirit provides the most human centered approach to medicine.”

“As a daughter of Vietnamese refugees that emigrated to America with zero possessions, I am a member of minority groups for both gender and race and am part of the lower-middle class. Despite these adversities,

my challenges are different than those in other minority racial and ethnic groups, and those with limited access to basic resources. As a future osteopathic physician, I will continue empowering my underserved patients by providing resources and knowledge to adhere to positive preventative health measures in a trusting, inclusive and respectful environment.”


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