VCOM Research Day Program Book 2023

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02 Sponge(Bob)’s Central Line: A Novel Tactile Simulation Educational Activity

Basima Khan, DO; Messanh Ameduite, DO; Alexa Krebs, MD; Anthony Conforti, DO; Kimberly Bird, MD Corresponding author:

SOVAH Health Internal Medicine Residency Program

Simulation activities are a significant component of medical school education, residency, and fellowship. Learners need self-confidence and competence in skill development to grow to their full potential. Standardized procedures and repetition help learners achieve this. For internal jugular central line procedures, in particular, skill sets include the need for hand-eye coordination, depth perception as well as the development of muscle memory. Simulation mannikins are the mainstay of central line simulation activities, but they have substantial costs, especially when purchasing and maintaining multiple mannikins for large groups of learners. An alternative/complementary approach of using low cost home materials was created to teach central line procedures to learners from the level of third-year medical students to post-graduate year three residents. This novel tactile simulation includes sponges,

straws, dye, water, and clips as building blocks and central line equipment kit, including but not limited to a large needle, syringe, guidewire, and a triple lumen catheter. Multiple learners can be stationed to practice step-by-step insertion techniques and tactile approaches to passing the guidewire and catheter. Learners can ask questions with each step and be given immediate feedback for their skill development.


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