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01 Chicken Drumsticks in the ICU: I.O.U. An Explanation

Basima Khan, DO; Messanh Ameduite, DO; Kimberly Bird, MD Corresponding author:

SOVAH Health Internal Medicine Residency Program

The intensive care unit can be one of the most intense rotations for residents and medical students. One of the most important parts of the ICU rotation includes skills development in several procedures. For developing confidence and competency in this arena, simulation activities become essential. One of the procedures used for quick access for providing lifesaving medications is the interosseus (I.O./IO) insertion. IO insertions are primarily used during code blue events when peripheral IV access is lost and/or not quickly attainable. It is vital for learners to become familiar with the equipment as well as the step-by-step instructions to successfully perform an IO insertion under stressful conditions such as a code.

To achieve this, hands-on activity of practicing IO insertion on chicken drumsticks and later simulation bone (tibia) was utilized. Learners were able to practice the amount of pressure required to penetrate the bone and going through each subsequent step. Learners were able to receive immediate feedback during this workshop.


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