VCOM College Catalog and Student Handbook

walk in the graduation ceremony is granted by the Campus Dean, these students may be allowed to walk in the graduation ceremony; however, they will not receive a diploma or be considered a graduate until all requirements are met. • The student’s appeal to the Campus Dean to walk in the graduation ceremony must be requested and granted by April 1 of their OMS 4 year for the student to be listed in the graduation program. • Students who are not granted permission to walk in the graduation ceremony but who complete all graduation requirements prior to the following year’s graduation ceremony will be allowed to walk in that graduation ceremony. • All requirements for graduation are to be satisfied by December 31 of a given year to have the degree conferred in that respective academic year. • In situations where all requirements for graduation are met after the commencement date, the date of graduation and the date the diploma is issued is the date that all requirements for graduation are satisfied. Credit Hour Policy The credit hour formulas used for determining credit hours at VCOM are consistent with the formulas used by the majority of outside colleges and universities and are consistent with the U.S. Department of Education’s definition of a credit hour. Credit Hours for the Pre-Clinical Curriculum VCOM does not approve courses for less than 1 credit hour. VCOM approves courses for half credits that exceed 1 credit hour (i.e. 1.5 credit hours). To determine credit hours, contact hours are assigned to each hour of instruction. The contact hour per credit hour is based upon 15 contact hours (+ or – 3) for 1 credit hour of study. Each contact hour is expected to be followed by two hours of outside study for lectures, small group learning activities, case-based instruction, SDL modules, PPC/OMM laboratories, and anatomy laboratories. Each contact hour is expected to be followed by one hour of outside study for biomedical laboratories, early clinical experiences, and clinical laboratories. Credits Awarded Minimum Student Work for Credits (includes contact hours and study time) 1 36 - 54 hours 1.5 55 - 80 hours 2 81 – 99 hours 2.5 100 - 125 hours 3 126 - 144 hours 3.5 145 - 170 hours 4 171 - 189 hours 4.5 190 - 215 hours 5 216 - 234 hours 5.5 235 – 260 hours 6 261 – 279 hours 6.5 280 – 305 hours


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