VCOM College Catalog and Student Handbook

VCOM Statement of Commitment to the Students, the Medically Underserved Regions, and the International Community Commitment to the Students The administration, faculty, and staff are committed: • To maintain a high quality college of osteopathic medicine providing education in both the art and the science of health care; • To maintain the principles of osteopathic medicine through a student-centered educational environment that values the “whole individual” in mind, body and spirit; • To provide an environment that fosters each student with opportunities to excel. Commitment to the Medically Underserved Regions There is a growing demand for health care providers in the United States, especially in southern Appalachia, and in the southeast United States. Throughout the next decade, the evolving physician shortage and increasing urban demand will draw more physicians away from rural locations and into urban environments where patient numbers are greater and the economy is best. As the current physician population ages, VCOM’s program that focuses on educating young physicians committed to a common mission of serving the rural and medically underserved southeast region of the United States, including Appalachia and the Delta, is a great resource. The Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM) has been recognized each year for being a top medical school in the country for producing medical graduates who enter primary care. The majority of VCOM’s alumni have returned to the southern Appalachian states and the Delta to practice. Many of VCOM’s current teaching hospitals are located in the medically underserved areas in these states and VCOM alumni are now serving as faculty, completing the mission. VCOM participates in many pipeline programs including mini-medical schools and career camps to provide students with an understanding of medicine and becoming a physician. VCOM also provides a pipeline program for rural students in junior high and high schools, encouraging them to pursue careers in health fields as well as improve academic performance to enhance their success in college. Commitment to the International Community The global health program at VCOM provides care to underserved and disadvantaged populations throughout the rural and medically underserved portions of our Mission areas and developing countries. The development of a community or a country is dependent upon the health of the citizens within. Without good health, the economy of a region will not improve. Essential to the practice of osteopathic medicine is the belief that one is only healthy when they are healthy in mind, body and spirit. As travel and immigration have progressed, we are now one world health. Providing an understanding of medically underserved populations, of the socioeconomic factors in health, and of cultural sensitivity improves the spiritual and social well-being of the patients served. VCOM provides an approach to international care that leads to sustainable improvement in developing healthy communities. VCOM partners with medical schools for the free exchange of education and ideas, leading to improvements in quality of care in the country by both schools. To assure ongoing care for a population, VCOM works with the Ministry of Health to offer year-round primary care clinics in areas of extreme need. VCOM also provides preventive medicine and population health programs to the communities we serve. The VCOM clinics are located in the Dominican Republic, Honduras, and El Salvador. Please visit our International and Appalachian Medical Mission web page to explore the many projects of VCOM's global health programs.


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