VCOM College Catalog and Student Handbook

4. Students must complete the Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens Report Form and return it to the Department of Clinical Affairs within 24 hours of the exposure.

Insurance Requirements

Disability Insurance The College provides the benefit of long-term disability insurance coverage for all current VCOM medical students. Coverage for long term disability is provided under Med-Plus Advantage (MPA), underwritten by Standard Life Insurance Company. There is no cost to the student for this valuable coverage; VCOM pays the premium. The plan is offered by the AMA Insurance Agency and covers more than 30,000 medical students nationwide. Details can be provided upon request annually. In addition to a great disability benefit, you now have access to a powerful global emergency travel assistance program provided through Assist America, Inc. With Assist America, anytime you travel more than 100 miles from home and campus, or to another country, and experience a medical emergency, you can make a single call to the Operations Center at 1-800-872-1414 (within USA), and 1-609-986-1234 (outside USA) for help. You will not receive a printed MPA disability certificate of insurance or an Assist America ID card. You can obtain and print either or both by accessing the MPA website at: and enter the VCOM ID number: 645441 . Liability Insurance Students currently enrolled as full-time students in good academic standing at VCOM and who are expected to graduate with the degree of Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine are covered by VCOM's liability insurance coverage on approved curriculum such as clinical rotations and required educational activities that are a part of the VCOM curriculum and as long as they are following the policies set forth by the institution. Students should not participate in patient care without supervision and should not perform procedures without direct observation. The coverage for students extends only to clinical situations where the care is performed as a part of the VCOM clinical program and when under the supervision of faculty. Medical Insurance Medical insurance is a mandatory requirement for all VCOM students. VCOM provides medical insurance for its medical students and is one of the only private medical school in the country to do so. Medical students who do not wish to participate in VCOM’s medical insurance program must seek and be approved for waivers from participation. Students who wish to obtain a waiver must present proof of health insurance at registration and every six months thereafter, including immediately prior to third year clinical rotations. Medical insurance must be carried through all four years for continued enrollment. Students who fail to do so are subject to suspension. The benefit terms of VCOM medical insurance are provided to students annually. To file a disability claim, please contact the Associate Dean for Student Affairs for assistance.

If medical students provide their own medical insurance the minimum requirements are:

• Deductible Maximum: $2,500 • Lifetime Maximum (suggested): $1,000,000


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