VCOM College Catalog and Student Handbook

Liability Insurance Students currently enrolled as full-time students in good academic standing at VCOM and who are expected to graduate with the degree of Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine are covered by VCOM's liability insurance coverage on approved curriculum such as clinical rotations and required educational activities that are a part of the VCOM curriculum and as long as they are following the policies set forth by the institution. Students should not participate in patient care without supervision and should not perform procedures without direct observation. The coverage for students extends only to clinical situations where the care is performed as a part of the VCOM clinical program and when under the supervision of faculty. Medical Insurance Medical insurance is a mandatory requirement for all VCOM students. VCOM provides medical insurance for its medical students. Medical students who do not wish to participate in VCOM’s medical insurance program must seek and be approved for waivers from participation. Students who wish to obtain a waiver must present proof of health insurance at registration and every six months thereafter, including immediately prior to third year clinical rotations. Medical insurance must be carried through all four years for continued enrollment. Students who fail to do so are subject to suspension. The benefit terms of VCOM medical insurance are posted on the website annually. Student Services provides the health insurance and primary care health services information annually. • Deductible Maximum: $2,500 • Lifetime Maximum (suggested): $1,000,000 • Co-Pay: Students should seek no higher than 30% co-pay with insurance covering at least 70% up to $5,000 maximum and 100% payment by insurance after $5,000 is met. Students are responsible for their own personal health costs and insurance coverage if not under the VCOM medical insurance policy. Health Services Health services are provided for students through agreements with local primary care healthcare providers in each campus community. Students are provided with information regarding these services at orientation each year. The information on eligible providers is also provided to OMS 3 and OMS 4 students by the DSME and Site Coordinator for each core site. Health services are confidential. Students should not engage healthcare providers who are also involved in their academic assessment. While the faculty at VCOM also abide by the rule, it is important that the student abide by this rule and do not seek out VCOM faculty as providers to assure this does not unknowingly occur. VCOM OMS 3 and OMS 4 students may participate in rotations with healthcare providers that offer services to other VCOM students. In this case, it is important to specify that students should not participate in another student’s health care, should not view another student’s health record, and if at a clinic or hospital where another student is being treated, should voluntarily avoid the health record or being in the room or care of the student. In addition, if any student being treated identifies that another student is present in the room, he or she should request the student not be involved, informing the student and the physician providing the care. As the VCOM clinical training sites (physician or student) may not identify the patient as another student, it is an expectation that student seeking services identify themselves as a VCOM student and that no other student be involved in their care. If medical students provide their own medical insurance the minimum requirements are:


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