VCOM College Catalog and Student Handbook

Student Health and Insurance

Health Requirements Applicants accepted for admission are required to obtain and to provide the required documentation indicating that they do not have conditions that would endanger the health and well-being of patients. In order to protect the health and well-being of our students and patients, VCOM requires that all students meet the College’s basic student health requirements on acceptance prior to matriculation and annually while a VCOM student. Students must be able to demonstrate that their health and abilities will enable them to meet the Technical Standards for Admission to VCOM and Continued Enrollment and Health Requirements in this Catalog/Handbook . Students must view the Technical Standards at the time of application for admission, and assure they meet those standards. Students are required to present both proof of a recent physical exam and proof of current immunization status signed by a physician prior to matriculation. Students must maintain the ability to meet the health requirements and Technical Standards throughout their four years of enrollment. Prior to matriculation, students must submit their medical history, physical examination results, and documentation of the listed laboratory tests and immunizations on the following VCOM forms: Personal Medical History Form, Physical Examination Form, Immunization Form, and Tuberculosis Screening/Testing Form. These forms can be found on the VCOM website at: requirements. These forms must be completed, signed, and dated by a licensed physician, whether preformed with the assistance of a nurse practitioner or physician assistant, and must be returned to the campus specific Department of Clinical Affairs by the dates specified in VCOM admission policies in order to maintain acceptance status. Incomplete or unsigned forms will not be accepted and failure to meet the required deadlines could affect a student’s ability to matriculate or engage in VCOM educational experiences. See specific sections below about each requirement. The forms can be sent to:

Virginia campus email: or fax 540-231-6298

Carolinas campus email: or fax 864-804-6991 Auburn campus email: or fax 334-442-4097 Louisiana campus email: or fax 318-347-7280

History and Physical Examination Requirement Each student must have a comprehensive history and physical examination performed by a licensed physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant under physician supervision and must be signed by a licensed physician. This exam must be completed after the date of acceptance and before matriculation into VCOM. This examination must establish, and the examining physician must verify, that the student’s health status is adequate to meet the demands of the curriculum as defined by the Technical Standards detailed in this Catalog and Handbook . Students must return the Personal Medical History Form and the Physical Examination Form, to the Department of Clinical Affairs by the dates specified on the website in order to maintain acceptance status. The form can be found on the VCOM website at:


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