VCOM College Catalog and Student Handbook

Goal 4: To advance scientific knowledge through medical research. Priorities • Biomedical Research • Clinical Research • Preventive Medicine Research • Educational Research • Osteopathic Principles and Practice Research Goal 5: To serve as an advocate of osteopathic medicine, rural health, mission medicine and affordable, accessible healthcare for the medically underserved. Priorities • To promote primary care practices. • To promote osteopathic distinctive practices. • To develop a diverse workforce of physicians who will serve and/or practice in medically underserved populations. • To provide medical outreach to rural communities and the uninsured • To promote global health through mission medicine


VCOM’s faculty, staff, and students have embraced certain values. These values are woven into the institution and are included in how staff are evaluated, recognizing that the staff holds these values as critical to the integrity of the college. VCOM VALUES: Professionalism, integrity, duty, compassion, altruism, knowledge, and critical thinking. These are the values VCOM set forth in 2003, and are maintained today.


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