VCOM College Catalog and Student Handbook

Auburn campus 910 South Donahue Drive Auburn, Alabama 36832 Office: 142 Phone: 334-442-4000 Louisiana campus 4408 Bon Aire Drive Monroe, Louisiana 71203 Office: 116 Phone: 318-342-7146

Carolinas campus 350 Howard Street Spartanburg, SC 29303 Office: 364 Magnolia Building Phone: 864-327-9807

Virginia campus 2265 Kraft Drive Blacksburg, VA 24060 Office: 369 Phone: 540-231-4000

Except as provided below, all VCOM employees and students are considered mandatory reporters and must report known or suspected acts of discrimination, harassment, or violence to the Title IX Coordinator or a VCOM administrative office. Licensed mental health professionals, on-campus healthcare providers, and others with a legal duty of privileged communication are exempt from being mandatory reporters except in cases of immediate threat or danger. If a reporting party is unsure of a resource’s ability to maintain confidentiality, the reporting party is advised to ask the individual before talking to them. Grievance Procedure for Claims of Discrimination, Harassment, or Violence VCOM takes all claims of discrimination, harassment, or violence seriously and has established policy and procedures to handle such claims. Students and employees wishing to learn more about the grievance procedure should reference Policy U011: VCOM Discrimination, Harassment, and Violence Policy and Procedures. The Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine Honor Code of Conduct (VCOM Honor Code) embodies a spirit of mutual trust, intellectual honesty, and professionalism between the College and the student body, and it is the highest expression of the values shared by the VCOM community. The VCOM Honor Code is based on the fundamental belief that every student is worthy of trust and the students holding themselves and the student body accountable for that trust is an integral component of making them worthy of trust. The VCOM student Honor Code is based upon the VCOM Student Code of Professionalism and Ethics and the professional and ethical expectations of an osteopathic medical student and future physician in training. The VCOM Honor Code of Conduct is maintained by the students for the student body in order to protect their right to participate in an academic environment free from injustice caused by dishonesty and a health professions environment that embraces professionalism and ethical behavior. The VCOM Honor Code is upheld by the Honor Code Council. It is not possible to enumerate all examples of expected academic and professional behavior, nor is it possible to enumerate all behaviors that would be considered inappropriate, unprofessional, unethical, or not in keeping with the standards of a VCOM student. Specific examples of behavior that may constitute a violation of the VCOM Honor Code include, but are not limited to, the following: A. Cheating: Providing or receiving any unauthorized assistance or unfair advantage on any form of academic work, or attempt thereof. Sharing information from testing/exams is also considered a form of cheating. B. Plagiarism: Copying the language, structure, ideas, algorithms, or computer code of another and representing it as one’s own work on any form of academic work or attempts thereof. Honor Code of Conduct


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