VCOM College Catalog and Student Handbook

• I will not use illicit drugs or misuse prescription drugs in order to maintain the highest levels of competencies and skills when learning and when caring for patients. • I will be dutiful in carrying out all academic and clinical responsibilities arriving on times expected and not leaving until all tasks assigned to me are completed. • I will not misrepresent myself as other than a medical student in the learning process and not extend my professional activities as a medical student outside of the supervised setting in which I am training or beyond what is expected of a medical student in a supervised setting. Commitment to Self-Improvement • I will continue to strive to attain the highest level of knowledge, skills, and competence. • I will assess my progress and identify areas for improvement and issues for continued learning. • I will demonstrate a willingness to share and participate in the learning process with peers, faculty, and staff and promote the student-teacher relationship. • I will seek assistance from colleagues or professionals for any problems that adversely affect my education.

I understand the expectations above and am choosing to enter the Osteopathic Degree Program and committing myself to the professional and ethical duties described above, in preparation for a future in medicine.

Signed: ______________________________________________ Date: _________________

American Osteopathic Association’s Code of Ethics

The American Osteopathic Association has formulated this Code to guide its member physicians in their professional lives. The standards presented are designed to address the osteopathic physician's ethical and professional responsibilities to patients, to society, to the AOA, to others involved in healthcare and to self. Further, the American Osteopathic Association has adopted the position that physicians should play a major role in the development and instruction of medical ethics. The AOA Code of Ethics has been adopted for all physicians, fellows, residents, and medical students when acting in the student physician role. As an osteopathic facility, VCOM requires that all students follow the Code of Ethics as adopted by the American Osteopathic Association (AOA), and is adapted for medical students as listed below. During orientation, VCOM students agree, by signing the below statement, to abide by the AOA Code of Ethics throughout their four years of education. Students also recite the Osteopathic Oath during the white coat ceremony. Section 1 The medical student and future physician shall keep in confidence whatever she/he may learn about a patient in the discharge of professional duties. Information shall be divulged by the physician when required by law or when authorized by the patient. Section 2 The medical student and future physician shall give a candid account of the patient's condition to the patient or to those responsible for the patient's care.


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