VCOM College Catalog and Student Handbook

Location, Community and University Affiliations

VCOM Virginia Campus Overview

The VCOM Virginia campus is located in Blacksburg, approximately 38 miles west of Roanoke. The campus is located within the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center. Approximately 35,000 people live in the community surrounding Blacksburg, with an additional 25,000 students at Virginia Tech and additional 35,000 people in the adjoining community of Christiansburg. Main Facility The main campus building in Blacksburg, Virginia is approximately 60,000 square feet and is situated on a 13-acre campus with more than ample parking areas for students, faculty and staff. Handicapped and visitor parking is available. VCOM’s information systems through VCOM and Virginia Tech, provide our campus community with access to information systems and resources worldwide. The classroom environment affords optimum learning conditions while demonstrating respect for both students and faculty alike. In addition to two theatre classrooms which seat 190 each, 15 moderately sized rooms are available for small group learning. The main campus building includes a state-of-the art anatomy lab, library and student study and lounge space. The VCOM Virginia campus offers its four year osteopathic medical curriculum to 175 medical students per year, with a student body of 700 students per year. The 13-acre main campus includes a walking and biking path, a small lake, amphitheater, and outside patios providing students with both indoor and outdoor environments for study and activities. The Center for Medical Education, Simulation, Technology and Research In June 2008, VCOM added The Center for Medical Education, Simulation, Technology and Research (Center), a 21,000 square foot educational technologies center to the campus. The Center houses cutting-edge high fidelity human medical simulators, standardized patient examination rooms, simulated surgical and intensive care unit suites, physical diagnosis and osteopathic manual therapy training labs, simulated radiology experiences, and room for additional medical education programs. This facility represents the latest in medical simulation and learning technology. The Center contains clinical skills labs for the purpose of competency-based clinical skills teaching and testing and twelve simulated patient examination rooms, where actors trained to simulate medical conditions, are used as simulated patients for assessment and continued improvement of student performance. VCOM-2 Institute for Biomechanical and Sports Medicine Education and Research I n the summer of 2009, VCOM opened the VCOM Institute for Biomechanical and Sports Medicine Education and Research in the VCOM-2 building. This building houses cutting-edge biomechanical research programs and accommodates a sophisticated deceleration sled that is used for the study of impact injury biomechanics and the prevention of such injuries. The 11,000 square foot teaching center is used for student education in neuro musculoskeletal medicine with a state of the art laboratory for teaching osteopathic examination and osteopathic manipulation. Center for One Health Located on the Virginia Tech campus, the Center was remodeled to be a collaborative research laboratory for biomedical faculty from VCOM and the Virginia Tech-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. Along with laboratory space, the Collaborative Research Center and program offers a program for VCOM and VT collaborating faculty to qualify for seed grants for research for each laboratory. The program has led to many externally funded grants including NIH funding.


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