VCOM College Catalog and Student Handbook

ComprehensiveTesting: COMSAE Phase 2 According to the accreditation requirements for the college, as outlined by the AOA Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation (COCA), students are required to successfully pass the National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners’ (NBOME) Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Licensing Examination exams (COMLEX Level 1 and COMLEX Level 2 CE) as a part of a College of Osteopathic Medicine’s graduation requirements. In order to provide students with assurance that they are attaining the medical knowledge competencies required to begin the OMS 4 year and to pass COMLEX Level 2 CE, VCOM requires students to complete comprehensive testing through COMSAE Phase 2 at the end of the OMS 3 year. COMSAE Phase 2: A Comprehensive Review Exam The COMSAE Phase 2 exam serves as the comprehensive medical knowledge exam to measure cumulative medical knowledge gained in the OMS 3 year. A passing score on COMLEX Level 1 is a prerequisite for taking COMSAE Phase 2. The exam is generally administered in late-May or early-June at the conclusion of the OMS 3 year. The date for the exam is announced each year. Students who have not passed COMSAE Phase 2 (by score or by remediation) and sat for COMLEX Level 2 CE prior to October 1 st of their OMS 4 year, will be temporarily withdrawn. Students who are following an Altered Degree Plan of Study are required to meet with the Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs and CIFSS to be provided with the approved date of their COMSAE Phase 2 exam and deadline for sitting for COMLEX Level 2 CE (which may be different than October 1). VCOM pays for the first COMSAE Phase 2 exam that students take as the final exam for the Comprehensive Review Course II and pays for the COMSAE Phase 2 exam that is used as the remediation exam in the event that a student must sit for a second attempt of COMSAE Phase 2. Each year, VCOM will notify students which COMSAE forms they may purchase on their own to take as practice exams to prepare for their COMLEX Level 2 CE exam. Students must only utilize the forms specified, as the other forms are utilized as the official COMSAE and as the remediation exam if needed. NBOME logs the COMSAE exams taken, which allows VCOM to monitor the exams purchased by students to ensure that no COMSAE exams that have been taken are utilized as a remediation exam. COMSAE Phase 2: First and Second Attempt • Students who score 480 or greater on COMSAE Phase 2 will receive a “P” (Pass) grade for the Comprehensive Review Course II and will be allowed to sit for COMLEX Level 2 CE within the VCOM approved testing window. Once students pass COMSAE Phase 2 they are to continue to study until they take the COMLEX Level 2 CE during the approved testing window (usually June through mid-December, although most students test June - July). • Students who score 460 – 479 on COMSAE Phase 2 will receive an “IP” (In Progress) grade for the Comprehensive Review Course II (those who score 460-479 on COMSAE Phase 2 on their second attempt will maintain the previously assigned “IP” grade for the Comprehensive Review Course II). To resolve the “IP” grade and be released to sit for COMLEX Level 2 CE, the student is required to do the following: o Meet with CIFSS to design a prescribed remediation plan. The plan includes a tentative date the student is to sit for COMLEX Level 2 CE.

 The remediation plan includes providing CIFSS with weekly updates regarding study plan progress and question bank performance. Additional requirements may be prescribed in the remediation plan. Students must follow and complete a prescribed remediation plan as


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