VCOM College Catalog and Student Handbook

• Specify a timeline or manner in which any remediation or testing must occur; • Suspension of a student with requirements for reinstatement; • Suspension of a student from academic activity and delay decision pending further evaluation and treatment; • Require participation in academic assistance programs; • Limit extracurricular activities while on academic probation; • Dismissal (dismissal is generally recommended by the Promotion Board when the student demonstrates failure to make academic progress, especially if the failure is repeated or consistent or there is an overall low GPA, multiple F grades, or if the student has been previously required to perform at 70% or greater for all remaining courses and failure). It should be noted that a student who fails more than one clinical rotation in the OMS 3 year is generally dismissed. In the case of allowing the student with two failed clinical rotations to continue, a repeat of a significant amount of the core year may be required; • An Altered Degree Plan of Study that will delay promotion until satisfactory progress through a directed remediation program has occurred; and/or • Make other sanctions as deemed appropriate by the Promotion Board. While the Promotion Board may not consider undiagnosed impairments for grades already received, for those students who continue in the curriculum, the Promotion Board may require further assessment, including but not limited to: psychological evaluations, drug or alcohol screening/testing, or other evaluations. Such testing, if recommended, will be at the student's expense and may require written evaluation from the party of the referral to determine if the student is at risk or presents a risk to the institution, students, or patient care and the results will be provided to CIFSS and the Campus Dean. Request for Special Considerations and/or the Need for Special Accommodations Students may not request special consideration by the Promotion Board or by the Campus Dean on appeal for a current exam/course/rotation failure or prior exam/course/rotation failure for a condition that was diagnosed or brought to the college’s attention after the failures have occurred. Considerations may not be retro-active; therefore, considerations for a diagnosed condition will only be considered for future coursework and require the student to be found eligible for Section 504 accommodations through the VCOM Section 504 Committee. Students who are approved by the Promotion Board to continue in the curriculum and who believe that they are in need for special accommodations or those who are referred by the Promotion Board to seek accommodations should contact the Center for Institutional, Faculty, and Student Success to learn more about the Section 504 eligibility process. Promotion Board Recommendations Notification and Appeals Processes The Chair of the Promotion Board will submit the Board’s recommendations, in-writing and in-person, to the Campus Dean within three working days of the Promotion Board. The Campus Dean will review the recommendations of the Promotion Board to assure the recommendations follow College policy and are legally appropriate. • For students who are recommended to be allowed to remediate and be placed on academic probation, the Chair will notify the student, via email, of the recommendations of the Promotion Board, within 7 calendar days following the Promotion Board. The Associate Dean will attach a copy of the official letter from the Promotion Board. The student will also be directed to pick up a hardcopy of the letter from the Office of the Registrar and to sign off the date they picked up their letter. • For students who are recommended to repeat an academic year or be dismissed, the Chair will notify the student in-person, of the recommendations of the Promotion Board, within 7 calendar days following the Promotion Board.


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