VCOM College Catalog and Student Handbook

Grading and GPAs for OMS 3 and OMS 4

OMS 3 and OMS 4 Grading Scale and GPAs OMS 3 End-of-Rotation Exam Grades A 90-100 4.0 B+ 85-89 3.5 B 80-84 3.0 C+ 75-79 2.5 C 70-74 2.0 F <70 0.0 OMS 3 AND OMS 4 Clinical Rotation Grades H Honors HP High Pass P Pass F Fail

Other Grades


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Clinical Grading for OMS 3 Osteopathic medical students are assessed during the third year as described below:

1. Clinical Rotation Competency Evaluation : Competency-based rating forms are utilized by clinical faculty when evaluating each student’s clinical skills performance and application of medical knowledge in the clinical setting. The rating forms are completed by the primary clinical faculty member who is precepting the student. VCOM uses a competency-based evaluation form which includes the following osteopathic core competencies:

a) Communication b) Problem Solving c) Clinical Skills d) Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine e) Medical Knowledge f) Professional and Ethical

Student competencies are judged by the clinical skill performance. A student’s clinical skills are rated on the form as: unacceptable, below expectation, meets expectation, above expectation, or exceptional. These ratings are compiled and result in a clinical rotation grade that uses the Honors, High Pass, Pass, Fail system; these grades are not calculated in the GPA. OMS 3 students receive clinical rotation competency grades at the end of each rotation though the VCOM Portal. For the third year, all rotations have a clinical


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