VCOM College Catalog and Student Handbook

with specialists with specific expertise in assisting students with alternate accommodations for their chronic illness prior to the student entering clinical experiences. • The use of a service animal is an accommodation that must be approved by the VCOM Section 504 Committee. • Emotional support animals are not allowed in the classroom. While VCOM supports the concept that animals may assist with emotional support, emotional stability is a technical standard that must be met without the accommodation of an animal. • VCOM is supportive of the use of an animal in the home to provide emotional support for a student; however, a student should be aware that there are students, faculty, and staff that also require an animal free/dander free environment due to serious allergic reactions and asthma. For this reason, emotional support animals are not allowed in VCOM’s clinical housing. • Students must notify the Office of Clinical Affairs of the need for a service or emotional support animal in the home setting in advance of the OMS 3 clinical site match. Students must provide appropriate physician verification of the need for the support animal. During the clinical rotation match process, if a student requires the use of a service or emotional support animal in the home setting, the student will be placed at a clinical site where the student does not require VCOM housing for out rotations. These placements are performed outside of the regular match and VCOM reserves the right to place any student requiring a service or emotional support animal in the home, in a clinical site that does not require the student to utilize VCOM housing. Should a student fail to notify VCOM of the need for a service or emotional support animal in the home setting before the clinical site match, VCOM reserves the right to re-assign the student to an appropriate site of VCOM’s choosing. If the need for a service or emotional support animal is not known to VCOM prior to clinical assignments being made and a student must do an out rotation, VCOM student housing for the animal is still not provided, which may result in a delay of the completion of the clinical program in order to accommodate the student for the out rotation in June or July following the OMS 3 year. Requesting Accommodations The process for determining eligibility and arranging accommodations is lengthy; therefore, whenever the student knows in advance of a need for accommodations, he or she should begin the process as soon as possible. Students are requested to notify VCOM of any disability that is diagnosed after admission immediately so that a request for accommodations may be made as early as possible. VCOM students have the obligation to self-identify if they believe that they do not meet the technical standards. Students who fail in the curriculum or who are suspended or dismissed may not claim failure due to disability not previously identified prior to the failures or for one that is in the process of evaluation. For this reason, students MUST request reasonable accommodations prior to any curricular failure for the condition to be considered as a part of reason for academic failure. Students who believe they may need accommodations should contact the Center for Institutional, Faculty, and Student Success for a Section 504 Request for Eligibility Form. Students requesting accommodations for a disability will be required to submit appropriate supporting documentation and may be required to undergo additional evaluation prior to VCOM considering their request. Obtaining and providing proper documentation is the student’s responsibility and all evaluations will be at the student’s expense. Students who are seeking accommodations must submit documentation showing evidence of the disability, the degree to which the student’s activities are affected (functional limitation), and the need for the specific accommodations requested. The purpose of the documentation is to determine eligibility for academic accommodation(s) and the type of accommodation(s) VCOM can reasonably provide. A student requesting accommodations must submit the following:


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