VCOM College Catalog and Student Handbook

course is graded as pass or fail and students must complete all forms, online paperwork, and attend graduation for a successful passing grade. OMS 4 Elective Rotations

• (MED 8400/8401/8402/8403) Elective Clinical Rotation 1 • (MED 8410/8411/8412/8413) Elective Clinical Rotation II • (MED 8420/8421/8422/8423) Elective Clinical Rotation III • (MED 8430/8431/8432/8433) Elective Clinical Rotation IV • (MED 8440/8441/8442/8443) Elective Clinical Rotation V

Elective choices In Elective or in Elective and Selective combinations, no more than 16 weeks may be scheduled in any one specialty rotation during the OMS 4 year, to allow for a more broad-based education in the fourth year. OMS 4 students are allowed up to five electives in sites other than VCOM core sites. One elective may be used as a research month to complete an approved CDC, NIH, federally sponsored, or faculty mentored research project. The research elective must be completed by February 28 of the OMS 4 year. ADPOS students must contact the course director for their due date. Elective choices include: • Students may repeat an Intensive Medicine Selective, Medicine Selective, or Surgical Selective as an elective. • In addition, the following electives are available: o 4 Week Rotations: Addiction Medicine; Adolescent Medicine; CDC, NIH, federally sponsored, or faculty mentored research project; Maternal/Fetal Medicine; Medical or Trauma Intensive Care; Pediatrics; Preventive Medicine; Psychiatric Specialties; Reproductive Endocrinology; Rural Family Medicine; and Urgent Care.  Additional rotations that are deemed important for residency preparation or a student’s education may be approved through the Associate Dean.  Research may only be selected for 1 of the 5 electives. o 2 or 4 Week Rotations: Dermatology, Forensic Pathology, Pain Management, Pathology, and Radiology o 2 Week Rotations: Palliative Care/Hospice, Podiatry, Public Health o 1 Week Rotation: Dermatology Additional Electives • (MED 8163) Pediatric Intensive Care Course (PICU Boot Camp): 0.5 credit hours The Pediatric Intensive Care Course delivers a high-yield boot camp for fourth year medical students who matched in pediatrics or combined Med-Peds residency programs, to enhance specific skills and knowledge in pediatric critical care needed for, but not limited to, pediatric residency training. The course facilitates the transition from medical student to intern. • (MED 8164) Research Distinction Elective: 9 credit hours Many students at VCOM have a desire to conduct research as part of their medical education experience. Faculty and students also recognize the importance of continuous advancement in medical practice through cutting-edge research findings. Students are encouraged to actively conduct a research project to gain experience in basic and applied research and advance scientific knowledge. This will enable DO clinicians to understand how their profession is evolving and can contribute to the effort required for such evolution. Students will complete a research project, designed and conducted with a faculty research mentor. After successfully completing the project the student will be awarded a Research Distinction degree designation at graduation.


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