VCOM Brand Guide

The VCOM Logo Visual Elements

THE ROD OF ASCLEPIUS In ancient mythology, a rod entwined with a serpent was carried by the Greek god Asclepius (or Asklepios), the deity associated with healing and medicine. In modern times, this symbol is associated with osteopathic medicine and health care. The symbol is frequently confused with the caduceus —the staff of the god Hermes, often used by allopathic physicians. THE LETTER “V” The “V” letter refers to the last name of philanthropist Edward Via, who fulfilled his mother’s dream of starting a medical school in the medically underserved areas of southwest Virginia. VCOM ACRONYM The school was founded in 2001 under the name of “Edward Via Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine.” The shortened acronym VCOM later came in use when referring to the College. When a second campus in the Carolinas was added in 2011, “Virginia” was removed from the name to better reflect the expanded southern state regions, which now also include the Auburn and Louisiana campuses.

SUNBURST Light is historically used as a symbol for education...illuminating the path of

knowledge, serving as a guide. The modern use also conveys the concepts of intelligence and innovation.

SCHOOL COLORS The multi-campus logo contains the combined VCOM campus colors of maroon, orange, blue and gray in the visual elements. Each campus’ colors reflect affinity and collaboration with regional educational partner institutions and all have orange as a common color, as indicated on page 12.



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