VCOM Brand Guide

The VCOM seal uses the colors of the four campuses as indicated on page 12, and officially represents VCOM as an institution.

Blind or registered embossing of the seal is also acceptable. The Division for Communications, Marketing, Website and Publications must approve embossing or other colors than the four-color logo below in writing. Any use or exemptions to these rules require the written permission of the Division for Communications, Marketing, Website and Publications. For approvals, contact Cindy Shepard Rawlins at .

PROHIBITED USES OF THE SEAL: • Do not use the seal in place of the primary college logos. • Do not use the seal on any disposable item or in online or fluid media (web, video, PowerPoint presentations, CD or DVD presentations) without written prior approval by the Division for Communications, Marketing, Website and Publications. • Some e xamples of inappropriate uses of the seal include posters, banners, food items, clothing, coffee mugs, napkins, water bottles, notebooks, portfolios, plastic cups and disposable cups. Use the primary college logos or name for these purposes. BASIC GUIDELINES WHEN USING THE SEAL: • The seal is reserved for official or approved administrative use only as indicated on page 10. • Only high-resolution reproduction-quality images of the official seal provided by the Division for Communications, Marketing, Website and Publications will be used, and the seal shall not be transmitted or shared by the vendor or by College personnel with anyone outside the Division for Communications. • The VCOM seal will be used in its entirety. It must never appear partially or be used as an element of a larger design. • The VCOM seal must be used in its normal orientation — it may never be turned, altered, screened back or used in part. Requests for screening must be approved depending on how it is to be used such as a simulated watermark. To prevent fraud, overprinting of the seal in the form of a watermark is acceptable in situations approved in writing from the Division of Communications. • The VCOM seal must be used alone. Do not combine the seal with another emblem or symbol. The seal may be combined with type, but type may not touch or be superimposed on it. • Use the seal only in the original configuration, using the college’s approved color, or solid black, white, gold or silver.

USE OF THE SEAL IS BY PERMISSION ONLY. Images here have been watermarked - files will be provided to vendor when use is approved.

• The VCOM seal should not be used in sizes less than 1-1/8 inch wide (1.125 inches). Sizes smaller than one inch wide cause the college name to become difficult to read.








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