VCOM 2022 Annual Report

Virginia Research Recognition DayWinners

FACULTY Researcher of the Year Al Kozar, DO, FAOASM, RMSK Associate Professor for Sports Medicine and OMM; NMM-OMM Residency and Fellowship Director Biomedical Research First Place Ramu Anandakrishnan Characterizing Mutations In Tumor Infiltrating Leukocytes In Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Using Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Data Second Place Stefan Duma May the Force Be with You; Designing Light Sabers and Toy Swords to reduce Pediatric Injury Risk Clinical Research First Place Terry C. Hrubec Extent and Effects of Quaternary Ammonium Disinfectant Exposure in People Education / Simulation Research First Place Theresa J. McCann, PhD, MPH, CHSE Development of Interprofessional Education (IPE) Sessions in Medical School Curriculum

Honorable Mention Justin Kula

Second Place Katherine Mustafa, DO

Select Nutritional Deficiencies Among Patients with Diabetes in Southwestern Virginia Case Reports First Place Aaron Estep, DO Recurrent Hypoglycemia After Diagnosis and Treatment of Insulin-Derived Amyloidosis Second Place Janice Chuang, DO Peg Tube Induced Gastric Volvulus Third Place Stephen Despins, DO Rapid Evaluation and Treatment of Wrist Pain in a Division I College Football Athlete Honorable Mention Faryal Mirza, MD It’s Not Just a Tumor: It’s a GIST Tumor MEDICAL STUDENT Biomedical Research First Place Teresa Nguyen, Class of 2024 Development of a Novel Brain Atlas of Acmomys Cahirinus (Spiny Mice) Second Place Alex Gordon Novel Adjunct Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease: To Study Beta-Amyloid Reduction in Cranial Osteopathic Manipulation Treated Rats Model of Alzheimer’s Disease Third Place Glynn B. Reno Architecture of the Jejunal and Colonic Microvasculature

Do Cytokine Profiles in Maternal Mouse Macrophages and Placentas Influence Formation of Neural Tube Defects in QAC Exposed Mice? Clinical Research

First Place Bless Jung

Delay in Clearance of Labeled Protons in Patients with Acute Head Trauma Utilizing MRI 3D TGSE PASL (Arterial Spin Labeling) is Consistent with the Clearance Results Shown in Patient with Alzheimer’s Disease Second Place Mahnoor Khurshid, Class of 2024 A Review of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Vaccination Uptake in New Beginnings Pediatrics Clinic, Blacksburg, VA Third Place Bruce Liberi Investigating Potential Health Disparities in COVID-19 Outcomes in Virginia Honorable Mention H.N. Rainey Challenges Experienced in the Assessment of Vaccination Among Long Term Care Facility Workers in Southwest Virginia Education / Simulation Research First Place Alexandra C. Skoczek, MPH, Class of 2024 Testimonials from Multinational Medical School Students in the Face of the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Global Health Approach Second Place Caleb Ramey COVID-19 Vaccination Simulation Training and Assessment

RESIDENTS Clinical Research

First Place Tiffany Crider, DO, MPH, PGY-5 Variations in Average Cranial Rhythmic Impulse Rates


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