VCOM 2022 Annual Report

Online Global Health Courses The College and other collaborators are

students in the HCMO club will offer tutoring to complement the online components. Global Health Clinical Skills — Online modules will provide essential information and video demonstrations of clinical exams, properly utilizing interpreters, how to write prescriptions, and other related topics that encourage cultural sensitivity. The new online courses are an efficient use of time for the students while adhering to COVID travel restrictions. Research and Development Approximately 15 international research abstracts, presentations and publications concerning infectious disease, electronic reporting and more were completed or are in progress. Lists of the work can be found in the Research section of this report.

developing online Global Health courses that pertain to international outreach trips, rotations, residencies and VCOM graduate programs. Tropical Disease and Travel Medicine — Dr. Joe Bryan, formerly with CDC in Central America and Professor with Naval Academy, is developing a Tropical Disease online course. The course is structured to be completed by students during quarantine of their fourth week of international rotations before returning to hospital rotations. The modules for a travel medicine course will prepare students, faculty and other participants for international rotations, engagements and experiences. Medical Spanish — An online Medical Spanish course to prepare students for international rotations and trips was completed. Bilingual

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