VCOM Administrative and Classified Staff Handbook

VCOM also requires that all staff members who have a personal interest in an employee-owned business or have a significant financial involvement with a vendor, licensee or potential licensee provide written confirmation that they are in compliance with state and VCOM policies regarding conflict of interest or conflict of commitment. 3. VCOM is a professional osteopathic medical college where expectations of the medical community are often higher than that of the general population. Professional and ethical behaviors are expected of the college students, faculty, and staff at all times, whether at work or in the community. In the performance of their duties, staff members shall be continually aware of the public trust they hold and their obligation to maintain a high standard of competence and dignity. Illegal acts, unethical acts, and acts that discredit VCOM, and are not worthy of a professional college employment are reasons for suspension and if found guilty by law or by act, dismissal. 4. Administrative and classified staff demonstrate respect for students as individuals and adhere to their proper roles. They respect the confidential nature of the college functions, finance, student grades, academic progress, and academic records of any type. Staff members cannot pass on information to which they have access in their job, nor use it for personal gain or benefit. In other words, when an employee is away from their place of employment, they should not discuss any official business that is transacted or any information from the records where they work . 5. All employees must avoid any exploitation, harassment, or discriminatory treatment of students or fellow employees. Any relationship with a student by an employee must be pre-approved by the officer to which the employee reports and must not include any employee with access to the student records or to student supervision or evaluation of any type. 6. As colleagues, staff members have obligations that derive from common membership in the community of the college. Staff members do not discriminate against or harass other employees or colleagues. They respect and defend the free inquiry of associates, even when it leads to findings and conclusions that differ from their own. In the exchange of criticism and ideas employees show respect for the opinions of others. 7. If a full-time VCOM staff member accepts additional employment outside VCOM that employment must not interfere with their VCOM duties or performance of those duties. Staff members who accept outside employment must also inform their supervisor of such work. When considering the interruption or termination of their service, staff recognize the effect of their decision upon the college and give due notice of their intentions. Outside employment may not exceed an amount greater than 20% of a full work week. 8. As members of their community, staff members have the rights and obligations of other citizens. Employees measure the urgency of these obligations in the light of their responsibilities, to the students, to their profession/position, and to their institution. When they speak or act as private persons, they avoid creating the impression of speaking or acting for VCOM. Staff members should not represent themselves as acting as an agent of VCOM, except when the program is deemed to be a VCOM program.

With this signature I, as a VCOM employee, indicate that I have read the above statement and the section in the Administrative and Classified Staff Handbook pertaining to standards of conduct and performance appraisal. I agree to adhere to this statement and the standards of conduct as detailed in the Administrative and Classified Staff Handbook .



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