VCOM Research Day Program Book 2023

Medical Resident Research Case Reports

29 Atypical Manifestation of Primary Pulmonary Adenocarcinoma with Signet Ring Features

Syed Hasnain, MD; Noah Kosnik, DO; Duncan McKinney, MD; Nelson Greene, MD Corresponding author:

LewisGale Medical Center – Salem University of Virginia

Pulmonary malignancies are among the most common primary cancers worldwide. Adenocarcinoma of the lung is the most common form of primary pulmonary malignancy, however a range of specific genetic mutations which drive the development of these malignancies has resulted in an expanding array of molecular, histologic and phenotypic presentations. Uncommon sequelae of primary pulmonary malignancy include the development of tracheal bronchial tumors (TBTs), and there have been no reported cases of secondary TBTs due to primary pulmonary adenocarcinoma. Greater than 95% of reported tracheal bronchial tumors are benign and thus are rarely biopsied. This case report will be the first to document a case of primary pulmonary adenocarcinoma which resulted in the development of tracheal bronchial tumors.


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