VCOM Research Day Program Book 2023

Medical Resident Research Case Reports

02 Continued: Multiple Myeloma (MM) in a Young Male Adult, a Rare Phenomenon: Single Case Presentation

Conclusion: This case illustrates a young man presenting with back pain who was ultimately diagnosed with macrofocal MM. Both the low prevalence and absence of serum markers makes macrofocal MM difficult to diagnose early, even with regular follow-up with a primary care physician (PCP). If this patient had an established relationship with a PCP, he may have had diagnostic imaging sooner, which could have led to an earlier diagnosis and management plan. Although MM is a treatable disease, it is not curable. Long term survival is driven by multiple factors including disease characteristics, medical comorbidities, and the patient’s compliance of therapy.

Figure 1. Infiltrative enhancement lesion seen at T5 with paraspinal soft tissue extension.

Additional enhancing lesions at T10 and T11.


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