VCOM Research Day Program Book 2023

Medical Student Research Case Reports

01 An Alternative Approach to the Management of Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome in a High-Level Division One Collegiate Athlete: a Case Report

Annemarie Beran, OMS III; Mary Mitchell, DO Corresponding author:

Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine-Virginia Campus

A case of tarsal tunnel in a high-level collegiate athlete is presented. The athlete suffered an ankle injury in early March, which adequately responded to conservative management and regenerative medicine techniques such as rehabilitation and platelet rich plasma injections (PRP). However, as they progressed through return to sport, subjective numbness and burning developed in the medial heel. The objective

of this case report is to describe the clinical course of an ankle injury which likely contributed to the onset of multi-factorial etiological tarsal tunnel syndrome and subsequent posterior tibial nerve hydrodissection in a high-level collegiate athlete. This case discusses the advantageous nature of hydrodissection as opposed to surgical intervention, of which there is little literature documenting this as a routine treatment

option once conservative treatments are failed. Moreover, this plan of care can significantly impact athlete care and treatment while also maximizing participation in sport.


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