VCOM Brand Guide

Visual Identity Program

A cceptable use of the elements in the visual identity program can be found in this manual or at on the VCOM website. The College logos are trademarked and strict enforcement of guidelines is vital to copyright protection and visual brand identity. • Use only approved original VCOM digital logo files. * • No other typefaces or combinations of typefaces are permitted. • The following pages illustrate the only approved color uses of the logo. • Variations not addressed in this handbook are not allowed without written permission . Contact the Department for Communications, Marketing, Website and Publications on your campus if you have questions. * Official, approved versions of all VCOM logos and letterhead are available on the “Departments” shared drive available to your campus inside the “VCOM Images” folder. If you are in need of a size or file format other than supplied, contact the Department of Communications, Marketing, Website and Publications on your campus. Outside vendors may obtain logos in vector or other specific file formats by contacting the Communications Department (contacts on the inside front cover of this manual) . • Do not re-create the logo.


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