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Division for Research Division for Student Services, Admissions and Financial Aid Division for Finance and Human Resources Division for Information Technology, Facilities and Operations Department Names Administration Admissions Biomedical Affairs and Research Center for Institutional, Faculty and Student Success Center for Simulation and Technology Clinical Affairs Communications, Marketing, Website and Publications Development and Alumni Relations Finance Financial Aid Human Resources Information Technology International and Appalachian Outreach Library Master of Arts in Biomedical Sciences (in partnership with Bluefield College - formerly the Graduate Certificate Premedical Program)

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includes professor, assistant professor and associate professor. All VCOM job titles use “for” to connect a position title to a department title, and “of ” is not to be used in official job titles. Correct: VCOM President Dixie Tooke- Rawlins; Dixie Tooke-Rawlins, VCOM president; Dixie Tooke- Rawlins, the president of VCOM. Discipline Chair for Pediatrics Jane Smith; Jane Smith, discipline chair for pediatrics Academic Titles Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Capitalize the department, organization, or fellowship title when referring to a specific internal or external organization besides an academic discipline. Full names should be used and titles of named professorships, chairs and scholarships are to be capitalized. Correct: Assistant Professor for Anatomical Sciences Jane Smith, PhD. Jane Smith, PhD, assistant professor for anatomical sciences. Note: never abbreviate title for internal or external use.

Courtesy Titles In general, do not use Mr., Miss, Mrs., or Ms. Do not use Dr. (Doctor) in first reference, use abbreviations of degrees (see abbreviations: academic degrees) after an individual’s name when needed to establish credentials. Do not use both Dr. and degree abbreviations at the same time. Incorrect: Dr. Jane Smith, DVM Correct: Jane Smith, DVM or Dr. Jane Smith Generational Titles Abbreviate junior and senior as Jr. and Sr. only with full names of a person. Do not precede by a comma. Correct: Martin Luther King Jr. John Albert Smith II Gender-Specific Language Avoid unless intended. For example, never assume someone is male: Incorrect: A medical student should always attend his classes. Correct : Medical students should always attend their classes. Chair/Chairman: Use “chair” to refer to the head of a committee unless the official title is chairman, chairwoman, or the gender is known. (continued)

Academic Disciplines Biomedical Divisions Anatomical Sciences Cellular Biology and Physiology Microbiology and Immunology Pathology and Histology Pharmacology Preventive Medicine and Public Health Clinical Disciplines Emergency Medicine Family Medicine Geriatrics Internal Medicine Obstetrics and Gynecology Orthopedics Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) Pediatrics Psychiatry and Neuro-Behavioral Sciences Sports Medicine Surgery Titles Titles preceding a personal name are to be capitalized.The position title should not be capitalized when it stands alone or follows a personal name.This

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