VCOM 2022 Annual Report

GRADUATE STUDENT Biomedical Research First Place Juselyn D. Tupik A “sub-lyme” System: Determining the Protective Role of Anti-Inflammatory NIRX1 against Lyme Disease Second Place Alexandra M. Kaloss Endothelial Cell Specific EPHA4 Inhibits Acute PIAL Collateral Response Following Ischemic Stroke Third Place UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT Biomedical Research First Place Brock Duma Correlation Between Helmet Performance and Padding Thickness in Whitewater Kayaking and Rafting Second Place Justin Weatherbee CSF and Blood Serum Metabolic Profile Following Blast Exposure Third Place Lauren A. Duma The biomechanics of Head and Chest Impacts from falls in Equestrian Sports Honorable Mention Seth Boehringer Role of agonist binding domin inter-subunit interaction sites in CNS4 & CNS42 induced modulation of NMDA receptors Khan Mohammad Imran Generation of Orthotopic Human Pancreatic Cancer Model Using Immune Compromised Pig to Treat with Histotripsy


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