VCOM 2022 Annual Report

Auburn Research Recognition DayWinners

FACULTY Researcher of the Year Dr. Michael D. Goodlett, MD, FAAFP MEDICAL STUDENT Biomedical Research First Place Nancy Rangel, Class of 2024 Evidence for Regulatory Interactions Between Adipocytes and B-1 Lymphocytes Second Place Caroline Clark, Class of 2022 Rapid Detection of Urinary Tract Infections Using Magnetostrictive Particle Biosensor Technology Third Place Roxana Bahani, Class of 2023 Physical Activity and Chronic Stress Promote Tumor Growth and Alter T-Cell Immunity Honorable Mention Abigail Bogard, Class of 2024 Ultrasound Echo-Intensity Does Not Correlate to Muscular Strength Outcome Following 10 Weeks of Resistance Training

UNDERGRADUATE / GRADUATE STUDENT Undergraduate / Graduate Competition

Clinical Research

First Place Nathan Anthony, Class of 2023 Actinomyces Acting Out: A. Europaeus as an Emerging Cause of Necrotizing Fasciitis Second Place James Pollock, Class of 2024 Metastatic Leptomeningeal Carcinomatosis from Primary Breast Cancer Found in a Medical School Cadaveric Dissection Third Place Taylor Phillips, Class of 2023 Abdominal Leiomyoma in a 52-Year-Old Male Honorable Mention Anna Siddiq, Class of 2024 A Review of Diagnostic Protocols and Patient Presentation of Nieman Pick Disease Type C Clinical Case Report First Place Lauren Mason, Class of 2022 Regional Anesthesia for Total Hip Arthroplasty: Essential Anatomy, Techniques and Current Literature Review Second Place Tyler Reese, Class of 2024 Exploration of Objective Diagnosis of Myofascial Pain Syndrome of the Low Back and Development of Home Intervention Program Third Place Denisia Thomas, Class of 2023 Mom Stress & Child Health (Medal) Pilot Study: A Mixed-Methods Approach to the Associations Between Maternal Experience and Child Toxic Stress Response in Black Families Honorable Mention Lacey Mead, Class of 2023 Gut Microbiota Dysbiosis and Persistent Fatigue in Hematopoietic Cell Transplant Survivors

First Place Vitale Castellano, Auburn University A Diagnostic Tool for Neuropathy

Assessment: Clinical Analysis of the Effects of Age, Average Fasting Blood Sugar and Average HGBA1C to Threshold Sensitivity Index in a Non-Diabetic Control Population Second Place Bradley Ruple, Auburn University Agreement Between MRI, Ultrasound and Histology in Detecting Size Changes of the Vastus Lateralis Following Resistance Training Third Place Sindhu Ramesh, Auburn University Lysophosphatidic Acid (Lpa)-Induces Tau Hyperphosphorylation Through P38 MAPK Honorable Mention Shelby Osburn, Auburn University Skeletal Muscle Line-1 Gene Regulation and Inflammatory Response to Chronic, Voluntary Endurance Training in Rodents Untrained Men


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