VCOM 2022 Annual Report

VCOM-Carolinas Via Research Recognition Day

V COM-Carolinas held its seventh annual Via Research Recognition Day on Friday, February 11, 2022. Posters spanning the fields of clinical research, case reports, biomedical, educational and simulation research were submitted. VCOM-Carolinas hosted a full-featured Research Recognition Day event in 2022, complete with oral presentations, catered food and invited speakers, like the days before the global pandemic. Research Day offers a forum for health professionals and scientists in academic institutions, teaching hospitals and practice sites to present and benefit from new research innovations and programs intended to improve the health of all humans. By attending the sessions with the speakers, participants have the

opportunity to learn cutting-edge information in the physiological basis of osteopathic manipulative therapy efficacy, new trends in physician-based research networks and how to develop innovative research projects with a high impact on human health. Via Research Recognition Day is a significant event for VCOM. It supports the mission of the College to provide medical education and research that prepares globally-minded, community-focused physicians and improves the health of those most in need. This year’s keynote speaker was Jeremy Kilburn, MD. Dr. Kilburn is a radiation oncologist at the Gibbs Cancer Center and Research Institute and Principle Investigator for Upstate Carolina National Cancer Institute Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP).

Opposite: Student Researcher of the Year Daniel Gonzalez. Above: Keynote Speaker Jeremy Kilburn, MD



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