VCOM 2022 Annual Report

Continuing the Vision

John G. Rocovich Jr., JD, LLM Chairman

W hen VCOM was founded in 2001, our vision was to address the physician shortage in Southwestern Virginia. As the need continued to increase nationwide, VCOM expanded to the four campuses located in the Southeastern United States. The VCOM vision is more important today than ever to provide solutions to the healthcare professional shortage. In two years, when our Louisiana campus graduates its first class, our four campuses will add over 600 new osteopathic physicians each year. These physicians will fill It has been estimated that a rural primary care physician generates over $1.4 million in income (wages, salaries and benefits) through the clinics and hospitals in their communities. Although education is the key to an improved future, many undergraduate colleges are also closing their doors. To address the need for pharmacists, nurses and other vital healthcare workers, the Harvey W. Peters Research Foundation has included Bluefield University and the Appalachian College of Pharmacy in its essential roles, with nearly half going into health profession shortage areas (HPSA) in our target regions.

educational consortium as sister institutions to VCOM. The alliance and our affilated educational programs and degrees will further support the growing needs of our target region in the Southeastern United States. With student debt skyrocketing in the country, we remain proud to offer VCOM’s Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine program at an affordable tuition, with VCOM being ranked fifth in the “10 Least Expensive Private Medical Schools” by U.S. News & World Report. One of our top priorities is growing scholarship opportunities so VCOM’s students can meet the Mission

The VCOM vision is more important today than ever to provide solutions to the healthcare professional shortage

with fewer economic challenges. VCOM’s administration is excelling in keeping the institution financially strong while providing the best medical education to its students. As chairman of VCOM, I want to recognize those on our board of directors, the campus advisory board members, and the College wide leadership for sharing their expertise and

working together on all four campuses to educate physicians who will “bring healthcare home.”


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