VCOM 2022 Annual Report

Mind, Body and Spirit T he first tenet of Osteopathic Medicine expresses that the body is a unit and a person is a unit of body, mind and spirit. VCOM uses this tenet as a model for campus life and works to care for each part of a person. VCOM students begin with a desire to help others. Through the College curriculum, outreach endeavors, student organizations and clinical training, students discover a lifelong mission of service. There are many opportunities for students to engage with their classmates outside of the classroom through study groups and student organizations. Each campus is equipped with a patio and a café lounge that allow the VCOM family to gather. Each campus promotes a healthy mind, body and spirit through the Via Wellness program. Via Wellness provides enrichment to campus life through a wide variety of sports, fitness and exercise, and social, cultural and spiritual events. Students, faculty, staff and their family members are welcome to participate in all Via Wellness activities. VCOM encourages its students to stay active and live a healthy lifestyle. Some campuses participate in the VCOM Olympics, an active outdoor competition between the first- and second-year students. Student organizations benefit not only the community and region but also the students. Members of these student organizations gain valuable knowledge, skills and experience. Students are encouraged to learn about all organizations and committees and to participate in those that will advance their career and personal interests as well as serve the community.

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