VCOM 2022 Annual Report

About Our Students

Matriculated Students by GENDER Classes of 2022-2025 55 % 45 % MALE medical students

VCOMMatriculant GPA Averages Classes of 2022-2025 Average GPA 3.7 Percentage of Students

with Overall GPA Ranging 3.6-4.0

VCOM has FEMALE medical students 2,428 CURRENT STUDENTS at all four campuses

64% 3.64

Average Science GPA Percentage of Students with Science GPA Ranging 3.6-4.0

For the Class of 2025, VCOM had more than 9,967 UNIQUE APPLICANTS across all campuses


Applicants to VCOM Campuses Class of 2025 More than 18,000 applications from 9967 unique applicants


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