VCOM 2022 Annual Report

VCOM's Target Recruitment Region

A s part of VCOM’s successful and returns skillful physicians to provide care in medically underserved areas with a focus on those in the Southern Appalachian region, Delta region and Southeastern United States. With four campuses, VCOM is the largest source providing physicians to these regions. Yet, VCOM maintains the nurturing small private college feel for the student. The VCOMMission The entire VCOM family has one common mission: to graduate community-focused, globally-minded osteopathic physicians to meet the needs of rural and medically underserved areas and to provide research to improve human health. This Mission is the heart and soul of VCOM, and is seen in all of our students and our community and international outreach programs. commitment to lessen the shortage of physicians, the College recruits students from, provides training in

High-Quality Standardized Curriculum VCOM's four campuses work together to provide the same state-of-the-art high quality standardized curriculum, policies and educational opportunities to provide the best medical education for all students at any campus. Making sure VCOM students are academically successful is one of the College’s highest concerns. Educating in Our Communities The College is positioned to educate and train students in the regions where they may someday practice; some of the greatest physician shortages are in the South. The College partners with many community-based hospitals throughout its target regions. The clinical program at VCOM is highly structured with core hospitals and a well-developed program for a continuum of medical education. In addition, VCOM works with hospitals to ensure our graduates have many options for their residency programs.

Student and Alumni Home Locations Classes of 2007-2026

87 % 86 % 91 % 52 % from a Rural Area

of all VCOM students come from the Target Region with 24% of all students from communities of under 10,000 and 47% from communities under 30,000. from an Medically Underserved Area This area is comprised of both Medically Underserved and Primary Care Health Professions Shortage Areas (PC HPSA). from an Appalachian State or Delta Region

A Rural Area is comprised of communities with a population of 30,000 or less.

Data analysis provided by the National Center for the Analysis of Healthcare Data, November 2022.



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