VCOM 2022 Annual Report

Our Donors (continued)

Norton Community Hospital Mary and Clifford Nottingham Orlando Health St. Cloud Regional Medical Center James and Brenda Pearman Cherry Peirce* Sherry Penland-Ismatov, DO 2009 and Bakhodir Ismatov Melissa M Peters, M.D. Paul A. Phillips, DO 2007 M. Renee Prater, DVM PhD Steven and Leanne Presley, M.D. Megan and Shannon Price Professional Medical Associates PC Robert Pusey Chris and Kathy Reilly Beverly A. Rzigalinski, Ph.D. and Kevin S. Hockey Michael Sampson, DO Sampson Construction Jimmy Sanford and Dorothy H. Sanford Dr. and Mrs. Arben Santo Mrs. Mossy Sartor Steven Saslow Paula Scariati Schwab Charitable Cassandra Scott, DO 2009 Minesh Shah, M.D. Harriet and Michael B. Shaw, DO Christina and Timothy Shoemaker Mr. Joseph Skaff Jean Skelton Linda Smith, DO 2007 and Sam Smith

Julia Snider John A. Snyder, DO 2008 Todd and Inga Solberg Alan Stockard Stone Family Fund Thomas and Claire Sullivan Jeanne Taylor, DO 2008 and John Taylor Michael Toman Jimmy and Allison Turk U.S. Army Healthcare Team Virginia Farm Bureau Thomas and Linda Weinert Eugene and Faye Wilmore Kevin Workman Mike Wright Troy Akers, DO 2008 Michael and Patricia Albano Francisco Albert, DO The Alice R. Smith Family Trust Doug and Lynn Allen Winthrop and Heather Allen Alliance Engineering, Inc. Alternative Natural Technologies, Inc American College of Physicians American Medical Association (AMA) Francine W. Anderson, Ph.D. Karen and John Anderson Wade Anderson Contributors ($100-499) Carin Adelstein Gary Adkins Saleem Ahmed

William G. Anderson, DO Matthew Ankrum Eileen and George Antonelli Arlington Osteopathic General Practice Edward Arsura Chad and Ashley Atlas Manly Aylor, Jr. Jason Bailey, DO 2008 Carrie Baker, DO 2014 Bakers Best Catering Sheila Ballard Jerry Ballengee Bank of America Letitia Banks, DO 2008 David and Jane Ellen Barbe Paul and Wilma Barbery Barbara and Dennis Barbour George and Mary Baron Atha Beard James Beckner, II Benefit Plan Administrators, Inc. Henry and Beverley Benner Julia Benner Erika Bernardo Ernest Bernhardi Jr.*

Family of Shirley* and Cabell* Brand Stephanie Brashear, DO 2011 David and Judy Brewer John Briggs Kerry F. Brisco Terry Brizendine Kenny Brock Thomas and S.G. Brown Timothy Brown, DO 2009 Bennett Bruckner, MD and Barbara Young Dr. Timothy Burandt Carolyn Burke Lee Burnett Garnett* and Thelma Burris Bonnie Burton Michael Buscher Jr. 2010 and Heather Buscher Gary Butcher Butler Memorial Hospital Virginia Butler Ms. Gina Buzby CAA-Commonwealth Anesthesia Associates Ramon Cabrera Boris Calderon, DO 2015 Lindsay P. Call, DO 2012 Dr. Cathy Callahan and Dr. Jerry Goldschmidt Sumeyye Calp-Inal, M.D. Joseph and Constance Camunas Carolinas HealthCare System Blue Ridge Lawrence L. Carpio, DO 2015 and Becky Carpio Lisa Carroll, M.D. Claude and Nancy Carter Letitia Carter Banks, DO 2008 Dr. Nicole Carter Richard and Janice Carter

Dr. Thomas Best Thomas Bibbins

Chad and Ellen Biegler BMO Trust & Custody Services J. Alexander Boone

Michael Boron Bouret Design David Bowen

Jane and Kelvin Bowles David and Cynthia Boyle, Ph.D. Michael Brackenrich, DO Richard Bradshaw



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