VCOM 2022 Annual Report

An Opportunity to Serve in East Alabama A ndrew Wilkins, DO, a member of the VCOM-Auburn Class of 2019, recently returned to the East Alabama area to practice medicine.

prepared for board exams, and just as prepared for residency as graduates from other schools."

After residency, he came back to the East Alabama area because he loves small towns and because of the people. “These folks are my people, and having the opportunity to take care of my people is something I could not pass up,” he said. Dr. Wilkins has a young daughter, with

Dr. Wilkins joined the team at Emergency Medicine South (EmSouth) and will practice in the Emergency Departments at both East Alabama Medical Center and EAMC-Lanier.

A native of Smith’s Station, Alabama (population 5,384), he earned his undergraduate degree in biomedical sciences at Auburn University and was a member of the inaugural Class of 2019 at VCOM Auburn. Dr. Wilkins noted that he was proud to be a part of VCOM-Auburn’s first class of students. “It was like being the firstborn child— we got all the attention from faculty,” he said. He completed his residency at St. Vincent’s East in Birmingham, where he was chosen as chief resident.

another on the way, so he noted that free family babysitting was a plus as well. He knew what he wanted to do early on: He wanted to contribute and have a positive impact on the Lee County community.

"These folks are my people, and having the opportunity to take care of my people is something I could not pass up.”

He was proud to be elected as chief resident by his peers. “This position meant that the other residents felt that I was accountable, and they trusted me to get things done, while keeping their interests in mind too,” Dr. Wilkins said.

Dr. Wilkins noted that his family physician while growing up was a DO, and that he still practices and has VCOM students rotating at his clinic. When asked about his specialty choice of emergency medicine, Dr. Wilkins said that he enjoyed the acuity and how quickly he can have an influence on peoples’ lives. He also noted that the work schedule was of great appeal to him: “Every day is different, and you get to work with a wide variety of patients, with a variety of issues.”

VCOM-Auburn was a natural choice because he knew the area and wanted to stay close to home. Additionally, he found the faculty that he initially interviewed with to be approachable and honest. “I felt that it would be a good place for me to grow and learn that wasn’t intimidating,” he said. “I felt very well


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