VCOM 2022 Annual Report

National and International Seminars and Presentations (continued)

Price K*, Hrubec TC . Changes in disinfection practices in medical

Longitudinal Intrapartum Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment Compared to Local and National Outcomes. Poster presented at the AAO 2021 Convocation, March 17-21 (3 rd place Resident Original Research category).

of South Carolina. Presentation to Spartanburg Rotary Club. March 16, 2021. Osmun M*, Turnbull J . Creating and Evaluating a Closed Iatrogenic Adduction Ankle Fracture in a Formalin Embalmed Cadaver. Louisiana Orthopedic Association Conference. New Orleans, LA: March 19, 2022.

settings due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Presented at Society for Birth Defects Research and Prevention Annual Meeting. Vancouver, BC: June 25-29, 2022. Ramey C*, Gilbertie J , Ulloa ER, Daiker JC, Nguyen K, Geriak M, Rose W, Schnabel L, Nizet V, Sakoulas G. The combination of cefazolin and ertapenem is synergistic against biofilms in methicillinsusceptible Staphylococcus aureus endocarditis. Presented at ASM Microbe 2022. Washington, DC: June 9-13, 2022. Roballo K , Rainey H*. Biofilms induce neutrophil extracellular trap formation promoting chronic inflammation and tissue damage. Presented at ASM Microbe 2022. Washington, DC: June 9-13, 2022. Roballo K , Yount M*, Snyder J*, Peruri A*, Morgan A*. 2022 Myelin Gordon Research Conference “Translational Science of Myelin: From Glial Biology to Repair” Ruane PW*, Skoczek AC*, Haydel T*, Onley C*, Ortega MV*, Stoner AM, Sutphin HD . Testimonials From Multinational Medical Students In The Face Of The COVID-19 Pandemic. Presented at AACOM Educating Leaders 2022. Denver, CO: April 27-29, 2022. Stoner A , Shultz B*, Hooks L*. The impact of a lecture 1 series with naloxone training on medical students’ knowledge of and attitude towards chronic pain management and opioid management. Presented at AACOM Educating Leaders 2022. Denver, CO: April 27-29, 2022. Stringfellow J*, Turnbull J . Anterior Thigh Pain in a College Soccer Goaltender. Presented at AAO & AOASM 2022 Convocation. Orlando, FL: March 23-27, 2022. Tiller D, Valle N*, Rogers M , Catterson C, Maust Z. Cartilaginous Conundrum Knee Pain in a Division 1 College Football Player. Presented at AMSSM National Conference. Austin, TX: April 8-13, 2022. Werner S, Kozar AJ . Retrospective Review of Delivery Outcomes Following

State and Regional Presentations

Carter ML, Mount G, Rodriguez M, Lall R, Stephen D , Reedy E, Shuler K, Ennis L, Ledbetter M, White A, Snider P . A Multi-Disciplinary Clinical Forensic Medicine Elective for Primary Care Physicians. Lightning Round Podium Presentation, Innovations in Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) in Medical Education Conference, Harrison College of Pharmacy, Auburn University, June 9, 2022. Cheverko CM , Hubbe M. An investigation of past activity in the Atacama Desert using ANCOVAs and factorial ANOVAs. Invited talk for Adaptive tools for resilient bones: Biostatistical approaches to past physical activity in osteoarchaeology. Laboratory for Human Osteoarchaeology at Leiden University (virtual). November 18, 2021. Dimucci-Ward J . Nutrition and Activity Key in Reaching your optimal Health, January 5, 2021. Cummings Cove Community WNC. Dimucci-Ward J . The DO Difference: The Holistic & Resilient Approach to Medicine. Assessing Beyond BMI, SCOMS Winter Conference. February 19 -20, 2021 Hollingsworth J . Preliminary results of Tiny Habits ® for Hope and Gratitude Study. Presentation to a group of Certified Tiny Habits Coaches, March 2, 2021, and to members of BJ Fogg’s Behavior Design Lab at Stanford, March 3, 2021. Kowalski T . An Approach to the Diagnosis and Treatment of ADHD. SCOMS Winter Conference. February, 20, 2021.

Kowalski T . The Impact of VCOM Carolinas on the Upstate and the State

*Denotes VCOM Student Author


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